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About Us

We are located in East Millinocket, ME, we have over 25 years of experience solving wireless connection problems for customers, particularly those in remote locations. Owning and operating several wireless stores, it became very clear that people wanted their wireless devices. However the problem always seemed to be there phone or device did not work where they wanted it to, and this problem still exist today.

We found that we would be spending a considerable amount of time solving this problem for our customers that purchased wireless devices, it became part of our business. When someone would activate a phone with us, only to go home and find they can't use the phone in their house they tend to get upset. by solving that problem, we kept the customer.

As time went on, and with word of mouth we started doing this a lot more, even for our competition's customers. It really didn't take long to realize that this is a valid business in itself, as they say, find a problem, solve it you now have a business.

Now with the advances in wireless technology particularly with our wireless carriers, providing high speed data on their networks, this opens doors for some other cool stuff to be done, particularly when it comes to surveillance systems. We have found that there are quite a few people out there that would love to be able to see there camp or lodge located in a remote location from anywhere in the world.

The easy part is the camera system, the hard part is linking that to the outside world, that is the problem we work to solve. With today's technology like satellite systems, wireless data systems, these problems more then likely can be solved. Mix that with the ability to get as high as possible in a tree, which is important here in Maine, yup things can get done, and things are possible.

We continue to do phone systems, and have added the surveillance because, well people just seem to want it.

Cameras and Surveillance Systems

We use Ubiquiti Unifi Video system for surveillance cameras, it has evolved over the last few years as one of the most affordable higher end systems available. It's scalability is extremely useful in todays market, and the no cost software is a big plus. There are no licensing fees or cost to the software like many other high end systems. It uses an nvr instead of a dvr, which basically means it is way more flexible, you can have one camera or one hundred plus.

This system is completely web based, so it can be controlled viewed from anywhere you have an Internet connection, all you need is a browser on a computer, or the free app on an iphone or andoid device.

Easily scale IP surveillance camera networks to hundreds* of plug and play, high-performance devices across multiple locations. Manage and control your system with intuitive software packed with powerful features and analytic capabilities — all without licensing fees or support costs.

Phone and Internet Systems

The picture at the on the left is a view from a tree at Caribou Lake on the Golden Road, the picture on the right is us trying to get the best signal for a phone link, the cell site on this one is probably 49 plus miles away as the crow flies.

The dynamic completely changes if you can get above the canopy of trees there could be a river of available signal to work with, this does not mean it will work but in most cases it does.

With a high gain yagi antenna, some low loss line, and more then likely a signal booster a reliable phone most generally can be had. All locations and circumstances are different, there is absolutely no way to know until a site survey is done, sounds scary but just means we go to the location to check for signal and see the lay of the land. Also would get gps coordinates to plug into google earth and see what the obstructions would be from the available cell sites, this can be done without going to the location and is usually the first thing we do.
If you are in need of reliable phone service at your camp or other remote location give us a call 207-447-4242 we can discus possible options.

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